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Research Opportunities

The PLCB encourages colleges, vendors and other research analysts to collaborate with the PLCB on research projects of mutual interest and benefit to the PLCB and the researcher.
Below are research opportunities and subjects of interest to the PLCB:
  • Television Brand Marketing Impact Study – Analyze sales in areas where television advertising of wine or spirits brands is taking place and compare them to other like areas where no television advertising is taking place in Pennsylvania.
  • Neuro-Marketing in Advertising – Use biological feedback or eye-tracking to evaluate responses to Fine Wine & Good Spirits advertising (social media, print, radio, television).
  • Path Analysis – Conduct a heat-mapping/path-analysis study to determine high-traffic areas and/or underused areas in stores.
  • Multi-Purchase Consumer Decision Trees – Create decision trees using the factors that lead customers to make multiple purchases, differentiating between wine and spirits purchases and considering the impact of alternative packaging.
  • Survey Research – Conduct face-to-face/intercept surveys with Fine Wine & Good Spirits customers exploring topics that may include advertising, factors impacting store preference and border bleed out-of-state purchases.
  • Research Papers – Research disposable income as it relates to purchases of premium wine and spirits, focusing specifically on luxury purchase trends associated with seasonality, the economy and advertising/messaging targeted at luxury shoppers.
Research may include formal studies, which may or may not involve a third-party research partner, and papers or previously conducted research for publication or study. Researchers will be expected to openly share data and insights collected and communicate regularly with the PLCB throughout the project.

In order to pursue a research partnership, first contact us to discuss your idea or proposal, specifying “Research Project Inquiry” in the subject line of the email. Should the PLCB want to pursue a research collaboration, a Statement of Work and a Non-Exclusive Agreement for Market Research must be executed before research may begin.