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Dale Horst

Dale Horst, director of Marketing and Merchandising for the PLCB, is responsible for advising the Board on the purchasing, distribution, marketing and sales of wine and spirits. Dale also manages the team responsible for developing innovative promotional ideas and marketing techniques for Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores and        

Dale brought more than 36 years of private industry retail and marketing experience to the Office of Marketing and Merchandising. His goal is to provide a wide range of popular and nationally recognized wine and spirits products at competitive prices for Pennsylvania consumers.        

Dale holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Penn State University and a master’s degree in business administration from Syracuse University. Dale is a Melvin Jones Award recipient and is secretary of the Elizabethtown Lions Club. Additionally, he is treasurer of the Thompson Flying Club and enjoys flying with his wife, Toney. Dale lives in Lewisburg and has three adult children.