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Resident Assistant Training

Freshman at most colleges and universities live on campus, and the PLCB realizes the importance of reaching these students as they begin to encounter the unique challenges presented in college residence halls.        

Our award-winning* Resident Assistant Training Program arms the RAs on the front lines of that transition with information on how to guide the new students to make smarter decisions and reduce underage and dangerous drinking. This program is delivered on campus by alcohol education specialists who customize the session to each college and community. The one-hour session addresses issues including:        

    • Adolescent brain development and its role in decision-making and impulse control

    • Criminal, academic, social, health and safety consequences of underage and high-risk drinking

    • The alcohol content of different drinks and how many drinks it takes, on average, to reach different blood alcohol content levels

    • Signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning

    • Pennsylvania’s medical amnesty law and the legal protections it offers anyone under 21 who was drinking but contacts authorities to seek medical attention for someone in danger of suffering alcohol poisoning

Pennsylvania colleges and universities interested in learning more about the Resident Assistant Training Program or scheduling a training session are encouraged to contact the PLCB Bureau of Alcohol Education.        

* In December 2015, the PLCB’s Resident Assistant Training Program earned the first-ever award for Best Responsible Consumption Program from StateWays magazine, a national magazine devoted to the issues and subjects affecting control state systems.