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The PLCB will only accept applications for online instructors during an open enrollment period. The next open enrollment will be held Feb. 1, 2019 through Feb. 15, 2019. Properly completed applications must be postmarked within the open enrollment period or the application will be returned.

Online instructors have the option of using a standard online curriculum provided by the PLCB, or an alternate curriculum approved by the PLCB.

  • Applicants who wish to use the PLCB STANDARD curriculum may apply during any open enrollment period. See ‘HOW TO APPLY.’

  • Applicants who wish to use an ALTERNATE curriculum MUST have the curriculum approved by the PLCB prior to applying to become an online instructor. For directions on how to submit a curriculum for approval, please refer to the ‘Curriculum Approval Process’ guidelines listed under the ‘HOW TO APPLY’ section.

All applicants interested in applying to become an online instructor must*:

*Online instructor applicants that desire to use an alternate curriculum (other than the standard curriculum supplied by the PLCB) MUST have their curriculum approved by the PLCB BEFORE applying to become an instructor per above. Please follow the ‘Curriculum Approval Process’ guidelines outlined below prior to submitting your online instructor application.
Curriculum Approval Process:
Please note: If you are planning to use an alternate curriculum that was previously approved by the PLCB, it is not necessary resubmit for approval. Please skip this step and go to ‘How to Apply’ to submit your online instructor application.