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​Online Provider Approval Process

Individuals who wish to become approved as an online training provider must apply during an open enrollment period. Properly completed applications must be postmarked within the open enrollment period or the application will be returned. Below is a description of the approval process. 

  1. Submit a complete Application for Approval of RAMP Online Provider and Criminal Record Check form and appropriate fees during an open enrollment period.

  2. The PLCB will review and process applications for those applicants who meet the minimum provider qualifications.

  3. Once the PLCB receives an applicant’s criminal check clearance, the PLCB will begin to work with the applicant. 

    a) Applicants who plan to use the PLCB standard curriculum will be provided with the curriculum and other resources needed to begin to create their online training program.

  4. The applicant shall create an online training program that meets the RAMP Online Training Provider Qualifications and Responsibilities.

  5. Once the online training program is created, the applicant shall provide access to the PLCB for review.

  6. The PLCB will review and test the applicant's online training program and determine whether it meets the requirements. While the online training program is under review by the PLCB, the applicant may not advertise the availability of the online training program or provide public access to the online training program.

    a) If the online training program meets the requirements and does not require any changes, the PLCB will approve the online training program.

    b) If the online training program requires changes, the PLCB will communicate the required changes to the applicant within 90 days of receiving the program to test.

    c) The applicant has no more than two opportunities to correct the deficiencies and resubmit the online training program.

    d) An applicant who fails to make required changes after two resubmissions may not resubmit a proposed online training program for a period of one year after the second resubmission fails to secure the approval of the PLCB.

    e) If the applicant has rectified the deficiencies and the online training program is approved by the PLCB, approval shall be for one year from the date of approval.

  7. Applicants must submit their online training program yearly for reapproval.