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Vendor Portals

Suppliers have access to a variety of vendor portals based on the type of products or services they provide to the PLCB. 

The PLCB’s new self-service Supplier Portal should be used by merchandise vendors to: 
  • View invoices and payment status
  • Update supplier records with changes of address, contact information and/or banking details
As of Jan. 6, 2022, merchandise vendors will be able to use the new Supplier Portal to view invoices and payment only; not orders. Merchandise suppliers will continue to use the existing Vendor Portals to submit invoices (via the iSupplier Portal) and for visibility to purchase orders and special orders until Release 2 of the PLCB’s new ERP, planned for 2022, when visibility of orders and invoice submission will be available.


Vendor Collaboration Portal. Merchandise vendors can use the Vendor Collaboration Portal to:
  • Access item sales forecasts for the next 26 weeks, review sales history dating back 13 weeks, view daily updated distribution center inventories and see the PLCB’s planned withdrawals over the next two business days from distribution centers to stores. 
  • Document shipments to the PLCB, identifying items, quantities and arrival dates at PLCB distribution centers, as well as search for existing shipments and export shipment data.
  • Search, view and export purchase orders, check the receipt of each purchase order and check the invoice eligibility status of each purchase order. 
  • Create and search invoices to ensure accurate billing to the PLCB, as well as check the status of existing invoices.
  • Create, modify and search “Returns to Vendor” (RTVs) for inventory stored in PLCB distribution centers.
For help navigating the Vendor Collaboration Portal, contact your inventory planner.

Vendor Allowance Portal. Merchandise vendors can use the Vendor Allowance Portal to:
  • Put items on sale quarterly through the Vendor Allowance Program.
  • View sales of items on sale through the Vendor Allowance Program.
  • View coupon Redemptions
Special Order Portal. Merchandise vendors providing wine and spirits through the Special Order (SO) process can use the SO Portal to manage SO business. Through the SO Portal vendors can:
  • Enter orders, submit new SO items, check for item approval or rejection, manage freight costs and manage item costs. 
  • View orders from stores and PLCB headquarters to determine delivery requirements and track product receipt and sale.
  • Locate cancelled orders to determine if product needs picked up from stores.
For help navigating the SO Portal, review the SO Portal Instructions.
To review just the item entry process after February 2017 changes to the system, view the Item Entry Guide.​