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Direct Shipping of Wine to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents may receive up to 36 cases (up to nine liters per case) per year of wine shipped by a wine producer licensed by the PLCB as a direct wine shipper. The 36-case annual limit is per direct wine shipper, and wine may be shipped to home or business addresses.

Direct-shipped wine must be for personal use, and anyone who resells direct-shipped wine is subject to fines and criminal penalties.

Direct-shipped wine is subject to state and local sales tax and a $2.50 per gallon wine excise tax.

Direct wine shippers are required to verify proof of age of the recipient of the wine prior to shipping.

As of August 8, 2016, direct-shipped wine need not be wines not otherwise available for sale by the PLCB.

To explore direct wine shipping options, review a list of direct wine shippers licensed by the PLCB.