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The PLCB Office of Chief Counsel is the agency’s legal authority, offering guidance on matters related to beverage alcohol regulation and licensing.

Online legal resources available to licensees and the public from the PLCB include:
Advisory Notices – General guidance issued by the Board addressing a specific subject. They may arise as a result of change to the Liquor Code or the Board’s Regulations, or they may address topics of popular interest.

Advisory Opinions – Issued to licensees to clarify matters related to the Liquor Code or the Board’s Regulations. Advisory Opinions are issued in response to written requests from licensees or their representatives and are binding on the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement (BLCE).  Opinions are not provided, however, when the BLCE is conducting an investigation or when a pending citation is involved.

To submit a written request for an Advisory Opinion, email, fax to 717.787.8820 or write to the address below.
Office of Chief Counsel
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
401 Northwest Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17124-0001
While each Advisory Opinion applies only to the specific factual scenario presented by the party requesting clarification, licensees may find value in reviewing past Advisory Opinions because they generally inform audiences as to the PLCB’s position on issues of interest to other licensees. 
Legislative Updates – Summarize bills enacted into law and explain how the changes to the Liquor Code (link temporarily unavailable) or other laws impact licensees.
Additionally, the Office of Administrative Law Judge provides a searchable database of adjudications and appeals related to enforcement of the Liquor Code (link temporarily unavailable).