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Alcohol Education Conference

REGISTER NOW TO ATTEND! Registration deadline Sept. 19, 2022

**View the complete conference agenda.**

The PLCB Bureau of Alcohol Education’s annual conference, “Broadening Our Awareness,” will be held Wednesday, October 12, 2022, at the Red Lion Hotel Harrisburg Hershey, 4751 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA. 

“Broadening Our Awareness” will showcase renowned experts in alcohol education who will share their experience and knowledge with professionals, counselors, law enforcement officers, businesses, activists and educators interested in reducing underage drinking and promoting responsible drinking among those of age. Presentations will feature the latest information, statistics, trends and prevention methods.

Please join us for this important event. We look forward to your participation!

Previous conferences have been funded by a grant from the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association.