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Ordering Wine & Spirits

The PLCB’s Office of Wholesale Operations is committed to partnering with licensees to build collaborative relationships, develop innovative delivery and product offerings and effectively and efficiently coordinate the acquisition of wines and spirits to meet wholesale customers' needs.

Wholesale Business Development. The Wholesale Business Development team works with high-volume licensees to assist with:

  • Assortment and demand planning
  • Promotional/sales planning
  • Business reviews
  • Product education

Once a licensee completes registration for the Licensee Delivery Program (LDP), the PLCB will assign a Wholesale Account Manager as the licensee's primary point of contact.

Licensee Order Management. The PLCB's Licensee Online Order Portal (LOOP) provides visibility into current and upcoming product sales, allowing licensees to plan purchases around sales to achieve cost savings. LOOP also provides price-per-ounce information so that licensees can compare products, and the system instantly shows licensees how much is saved on an order.

Additionally, LOOP offers customizable reports and data exports that help licensees track and manage their business.