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Reducing underage and dangerous drinking is a community effort. The PLCB partners with community groups, state and local agencies, schools, law enforcement organizations and concerned parents and citizens. The Bureau of Alcohol Education develops, promotes and uses various tools that have been proven effective in achieving goals.    
  • The Resident Assistant (RA) Training is an award-winning training presented to those on the front lines in residence halls. It is customized for each campus and gives the RAs the tools they need to guide and help other students.

  • Each spring, the bureau hosts an annual two-day conference that covers the latest prevention and education topics and trends. There is no charge to attend the conference.

  • The annual Alcohol Awareness Poster Contest encourages students in kindergarten through 12th grade convey to their peers positive, no-use messages depicting healthy alternatives to drinking, or reasons why young people should choose not to drink alcohol.

  • Through its grants program, the PLCB funds programs focused on reducing underage and high-risk alcohol consumption and supports related law-enforcement activities. The maximum award for each two-year grant is $40,000 ($20,000 each year).

For more information, please contact the PLCB Bureau of Alcohol Education.