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Wine Expanded Permits

Wine expanded permits authorizing the sale of up to three liters of wine to go per retail transaction may be requested through PLCB+ by restaurant and hotel licensees.
Additionally, retailers anticipating large volumes of wine-to-go sales (more than 20 cases per order from the PLCB) are encouraged to contact the Office of Wholesale Operations at 800-332-7522 (option 5) or to discuss the wines and volumes they anticipate buying from the PLCB for wine-to-go resale.
Wine Expanded Permit Basics
  • There is a $2,000 application fee for this permit and an annual renewal fee of 2 percent of the cost of wine purchased from the PLCB for off-premises consumption. 
  • Wine-to-go sales may take place from 7 AM to 11 PM Monday through Saturday, and during limited hours on Sundays if the licensee also holds a Sunday sales permit. 
Licensees planning to expand the footprint of their licensed premises to accommodate wine-to-go sales can also apply for an extension of premises through PLCB+.
Eating place licenses are not eligible for wine expanded permits, but holders of E licenses that meet the statutory and regulatory requirements of restaurant licenses may request to have E licenses converted to R licenses. The one-time fee for such a conversion, which can be requested through PLCB+, is $30,000.