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The PLCB offers a variety of paid internships to full-time post-secondary students meeting the following eligibility requirements:

  • Full-time enrollment in a college or university
  • Completion of at least one year towards a bachelor’s degree program
  • Good academic standing
  • Pennsylvania residency or attending a Pennsylvania college

The following are the 4 types of paid internships offered, which may include project assignments in business, information technology, alcohol education, research and development, administration and similar activities.  

  • Government Service Internship (GSI) – This is the most common internship with the PLCB, and degree programs include Accounting, Marketing and Business. Eligible students earn $13.23 per hour for GSI internships.
  • Engineering, Scientific and Technical Internship (ESTI) – Limited ESTI opportunities are available, and degree programs include Computer Science, Information Systems, Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Statistics and Supply Chain. Eligible students earn $13.23 per hour for ESTI internships.
  • Legal Internship – Limited opportunities exist only for those attending ABA-accredited law schools and pursuing Juris Doctorate degrees. Legal internships pay $26.15 per hour.
  • Commonwealth Public Service Internship (CPSI) – Geared toward your field of study, which leads to permanent employment after graduation.  Eligible students earn $14.03 per hour.  

For additional information and to view current internship positions, click here