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ERP Resources for Licensees

The PLCB has implemented NEW SYSTEMS transforming its business from a traditional retail model to a wholesale/distribution, e-commerce and retail-focused business. Release 1 of Project New Horizon - our new enterprise resource planning platform - went live in January 2022, providing new finance and non-merchandise procurement systems. Release 2 went live July 2023, providing new systems that separate our wholesale and retail lines of business, changing the ways we procure wines and spirits, plan wholesale distribution, replenish stores and manage inventory and accounting. We now also have a new Licensee Online Order Portal (LOOP) and a new and improved

**Effective Monday, July 3, all licensees MUST use LOOP to place orders for pickup at FW&GS stores and LSCs. Orders will no longer be accepted by phone, fax or email.** 

Please be advised that our new LOOP platform works best with the following browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox.   

Click here for a two-page fact sheet summarizing the new, mobile-friendly Licensee Online Order Portal (LOOP).

EXPLORE OUR TRAINING RESOURCES! We've developed a series of quick reference guides (QRGs), eLearning videos and step by steps for licensees on how to use the new LOOP. In all, there are 11 eLearning videos that will take 30-40 minutes to review. 

Course Title
Course Description
Project New Horizon Release 2 Licensee Overview Video
This video highlights the major changes impacting licensees in Release 2 of the PLCB’s Project New Horizon. (4:10)
Licensee Maintenance - Add Authorized Agent QRG
This course reviews how to add and/or remove an Authorized Agent in LOOP. Authorized Agents are personnel who can pick up products on behalf of a licensee.

Licensee Maintenance - Add Special Order Supplier(s) as Authorized Vendor(s) QRG
​This course reviews how to add a supplier as an authorized vendor in LOOP for purposes of placing Special Orders (SOs) for review and approval by licensees in LOOP.

License Maintenance – Manage Contacts (Members) QRG
​This course reviews how licensees with a designated Licensee Administrator role can update contact details, referred to as “member information,” in LOOP. The “Members” area within LOOP is used to provide access and assign roles that determine what tasks and data can be performed/viewed by individuals within a licensee's organization.

Licensee Maintenance - Manage Payment Method QRG
​This course reviews how to update and add licensee payment methods in LOOP.

Licensee Maintenance - Manage Purchase Lists QRG
​This course reviews how licensees with a designated Licensee Buyer, Approver or Admin role create, manage or delete purchase lists in LOOP.

Licensee Maintenance - View and Update Profile Information QRG
​This course reviews how a licensee views and edits licensee profile data in LOOP.

Licensee - Cancel Placed Orders in LOOP QRG
​This course reviews how to cancel an order placed in LOOP.

Licensee - Special Order Approval QRG
​This course reviews how licensees with a designated Licensee Approver role review and approve Special Orders (SOs) placed in LOOP.

See related eLearning: Licensee - Special Order Approval eLearning (2:07)
Licensee - Submit Return Request in LOOP QRG
​This course reviews the process for Licensee Admins to initiate and submit a return request in LOOP.

Licensee - View Placed Orders and Details in LOOP QRG
​This course reviews how licensees with a designated Licensee Buyer role view placed orders and order details in LOOP.

Licensee – LOOP Order Entry QRG
​This course reviews how to enter and manage orders placed in LOOP.

See related eLearning: Licensee - LOOP Order Entry eLearning (9:39)