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Limited Wineries

A limited winery license can be held by any qualifying in-state or out-of-state winery that produces less than 200,000 gallons per year of alcoholic ciders, wines, meads, wine coolers and fermented fruit beverages. Each limited winery may have up to five board-approved locations and up to two storage locations. Limited wineries may sell their products – in any quantity and for both on and off-premises consumption – to individuals, the PLCB and licensees such as breweries, hotels, restaurants, clubs and public service liquor licensees. They are permitted to sell Pennsylvania-manufactured wine, spirits and malt or brewed beverages for on-premises consumption, not to exceed 50% of on-premises sales of the limited winery’s own wine. Limited wineries may provide visitors on the licensed premises with tastings of wine at no charge, or they may opt to charge for tastings.

Limited wineries are also permitted to sell food for consumption on or off the licensed premises and at board-approved additional locations. A limited winery licensee may also sell Pennsylvania-grown fruits and juices, juice concentrates, jellies, jams and preserves from those fruits; Pennsylvania-grown mushrooms; home winemaking equipment and supplies; cork removers; wine glasses, decanters, wine racks, serving baskets and buckets; bottle stoppers; publications dealing with wine and wine making; cheese, crackers, breads, nuts and preserved meats; gift packages with any of the items previously mentioned; and promotional items. 

A limited winery may acquire a direct wine shipper license, which allows a winery to accept orders by mail, telephone and the internet and ship their products to individual consumers. Direct wine shippers may deliver their products directly to non-licensee customers and may hire licensed transporters-for-hire to deliver their products to customers.

For information regarding federal licensing requirements for wineries, please consult with the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade.