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Special Order

If a licensee can’t find a particular product in your local store, you are encouraged to explore the product catalogues at to see if the product is available through our e-commerce store or the Special Order process.
Through Special Order, the PLCB does everything we can to obtain the wines and spirits you seek. There are thousands of products suppliers have opted to make available through Special Order, and many suppliers make certain wines and spirits available only to licensees through Special Order.
In October 2017, the PLCB made some changes to the Special Order (formerly Special Liquor Order, or SLO) program. For comprehensive information on the Special Order program changes impacting licensees, review the 2017 Special Order Program Changes Guide for Licensees.pdf
Obtaining Special Order items
Licensees can obtain Special Order items two ways:
  1. Ordering directly through; and
  2. Approving supplier-entered orders through the Licensee Online Order Portal (LOOP).

Licensee-only Special Order items are not featured at, but suppliers’ sales representatives can make that information available to licensees, who would then need to register for the Special Order Program in LOOP in order to approve and authorize payment for orders entered by suppliers.

Each Special Order must be paid for in full when the order is shipped to the Fine Wine & Good Spirits store of your choice. Suppliers must ship SLO orders to a designated Fine Wine & Good Spirits store within 30 days of the date the supplier processes the order, but they often ship shortly after an order is placed. The licensee is notified through automated emails with updates as Special Orders are processed, and when each order is available for pickup.