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Packaging Requirements

All shipments of wine and liquor to the PLCB must be packed in shipping containers (complete outer and inner packaging) that will assure:
  • Carrier acceptance; 
  • Safe transportation to a distribution center;
  • Handling and stacking in the center;
  • Reshipment from the distribution center to the stores; and 
  • Handling and stacking in the stores. 
The packages must comply in all respects with the governing classification of common carrier. Packaging must be of sufficient quality to support itself through all required shipping, handling and stacking necessary for movement through distribution centers and withstand storage requirements for efficient/effective warehousing operations.

If packaging is discovered to be inadequate, the vendor will be notified to correct the problem. Until correction is made, claims will be filed against the vendor for any breakage that occurs in distribution centers, in transit from distribution centers to stores and in stores as a result of inadequate packaging.

Shipments received at distribution centers with excessive damage may be refused, and the vendor will be notified.