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Packaging Requirements

All shipments to the PLCB must be packed in shipping containers (comprehensive outer and inner packaging which completely encases the saleable unit) that will assure:

    • Carrier acceptance and safe transportation to the distribution center;
    • Handling and stacking in the distribution center;
    • Reshipment from the distribution center to the stores; and
    • Handling and stacking in the stores. 

The packages must comply in all respects with the governing classification of common carrier. Packaging must be of sufficient quality to support and protect the saleable product through all required shipping, handling and stacking movement through distribution centers and withstand storage.

    • Case packs. The case pack – defined as the number of selling units in a case as stated on the vendor quote form – must be one physical case. Multiple physical cases cannot be strapped, put in a tray or taped together to make up the stated case pack. For example, if the case is defined as 12 units, two cases of six units each cannot be strapped or taped together to make 12.
    • Cartons. Product sold in a carton, such as four cans in a single sellable carton, cannot have the vendor label stuck to the outside of the carton.
    • Trays/open cases/other open packaging. If product is shipped on a tray/open case/other open packaging, the case pack must be shrink wrapped. The sellable unit(s) must not be exposed during the distribution process. 
    • Cans. Canned product must be able to be stacked two pallets high without crushing or degradation of the can.

If packaging is inadequate, the vendor will be notified by the PLCB buyer to correct the problem. Claims will be filed against the vendor for any damage that occurs in transit, in the distribution centers or in stores as a result of incorrect or inadequate packaging.