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Delivery Requirements

The PLCB expects all vendors to take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe, secure and damage-free load is delivered in accordance with established due dates.

All loads delivered to PLCB distribution centers are “driver unload.”  Each distribution center has the ability to handle unitized shipments shipped on pallets (U.S. standard 48” x 40”) or slip-sheets.

All non-unitized shipments (floor loaded, mixed pallet, etc.) must be separated by the driver or a lumper hired by the driver to allow for proper receipt. The distribution center will provide pallets as needed for non-unitized shipments. Each shipment must be unloaded within 4 hours. 

Permit numbers and appointment times are required for all shipments to PLCB distribution centers. Carriers must contact the distribution center at least one working day prior to the scheduled delivery date, but carriers are strongly encouraged to contact the distribution center as far ahead as possible within the appointment scheduling window, which is one to 10 working days.

Each delivery must include a manifest in the trailer. Each manifest must include the following information:
  • Delivery date
  • PLCB permit number
  • PLCB purchase order number(s)
  • Number of cases by PLCB code (SKU) number
  • Total number of cases. 
The manifest may be attached to the last case loaded, the inside of the door or the trailer wall immediately adjacent to the door. The PLCB reserves the right to refuse shipments that do not include the proper paperwork or have excessive damage.

For more information about documentation requirements and shipping procedures, please contact your inventory planner.