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Shipping and Delivery Requirements

  • All full loads and straight loads should be shipped on slip sheets or 48”x 40” pallets (U.S.) whenever possible.
  • Pallets may be used for less than load (LTL) shipments.
  • Pallet exchange programs must be entered into with distribution center operators by shippers, vendors and carriers as is appropriate. The PLCB will not be a party to pallet exchange programs.
  • Non-bailment product shipped on a bailment load must clearly indicate the PO number on the outside of the pallet.
  • All loads must be accompanied by a manifest. The manifest must show:
    • PLCB purchase order number or shipment (ASN) number;
    • PLCB permit number;
    • Number of cases by PA item code;
    • Total number of cases; and
    • Delivery date.
  • Loads with incomplete or inaccurate paperwork will be rejected. All rejected loads will need to be rescheduled after the appropriate fixes have been made. 
  • For fresh date/expiration date tracked product:
    • Fresh/expiration date must be printed on the case.  Details may be found in the PLCB Labeling Requirements document.
    • Fresh/expiration date must be six months or greater from the receipt date.  The PLCB may refuse product with less than six months remaining.


  • All loads delivered to PLCB distribution centers are “driver unload.”
  • The distribution center operators must have available equipment capable of handling all shipping modes to include pallet and slip-sheet.
  • Unitized pallets (one code per pallet) will be unloaded and put away by the distribution center operator utilizing appropriate equipment.
  • All non-unitized pallets must be segregated by the driver or a “lumper” hired by the driver. The DC contractor will provide necessary pallets.
  • A maximum of four hours will be allowed for unloading.
  • The DC Contractor will be responsible for all truck or container detention charges and railroad demurrage charges unless the PLCB specifically accepts responsibility for such charges.


  • Permit numbers and appointment times are required for all shipments to PLCB distribution centers.  
  • Carriers must contact DC operators to schedule a delivery appointment at least one working day prior and not more than 10 days prior to scheduled delivery date.  
  • Calls will be accepted as follows: Philadelphia 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Taylor 5:00 AM to 11:30 AM and Pittsburgh 6:30 AM to 2:00 PM. 
  • Failure to schedule a delivery appointment may result in the load being refused by the DC operator.
  • If an appointment is missed, a new appointment must be scheduled per the steps above. Fresh dated product cannot have different dates on the same pallet.

QUESTIONS? Please contact the PLCB Supply Chain at