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Shipping and Delivery Requirements

    •  All full loads and straight loads MUST be shipped on 48”x40” pallets (U.S) or slip sheets. Slip sheet loads will incur an additional charge. Block pallets must have bottom supports on all four sides.
    • Pallets must be used for less than load (LTL) shipments. 
    • Pallet exchange programs must be entered into with distribution center operators by shippers, vendors and carriers as is appropriate. The PLCB will not be a party to pallet exchange programs.
    • Non-bailment product shipped on a bailment load must be clearly indicated by the PO number on the outside of the pallet.
    • Additional bailment products shipped on an ASN with an appointment will all be rejected.
    • All products must be secured to the pallet with stretch wrap from top to bottom - including the pallet - for safety concerns. The wrap needs to be all the way to bottom of the freight and tied to the pallet.
    • Max Pallet heights: DC4 FedEx Pittsburgh Max is 72”; DC5 Philadelphia KLS Max is 104” (racking). This includes pallet.
    • All loads must be accompanied by a manifest. The manifest must show:
        • PLCB purchase order number or shipment (ASN) number
        • PLCB permit number
        • Number of cases by PA item code, description and SCC
        • Total number of cases  
        • Delivery date 
Loads with incomplete or inaccurate paperwork will be rejected.  All rejected loads will need to be rescheduled after the appropriate corrections have been made. All drivers MUST have a hard copy of the BOL with PO/ASN#, PLCB Codes with description/ SCC and case count. No digital copy will be accepted.

For fresh date/expiration date tracked product:
    • The expiration date must be printed on the case. 
    • Fresh dated product cannot have different dates on the same pallet.
    • Expiration date must be six months or greater from the receipt date. The PLCB  will refuse product with less than six months remaining. DCs may not accept any items for any reason with less than 6 months of shelf life.
    • Details may be found in the PLCB labeling procedure.  


    • Trailer condition must be able to support a 2500 lb. forklift safely. Trailers in unsatisfactory condition will be refused. 
    • Loads delivered to PLCB distribution centers may need to be “driver unload.”
    • The distribution center operators will have available equipment capable of handling shipping modes to include pallet and slip-sheet. 
    • Floor loaded trailers will not be accepted. Cases must be on slip-sheets or pallets.
    • Due to potential liability, the contractor will not handle any freight other than product destined for scheduled location.
    • Unitized pallets (one code per pallet) will be unloaded and put away by the distribution center operator utilizing appropriate equipment. 
    • All non-unitized pallets are required to have a physical separation between items, clearly marked. I.e. Slip -sheet or pallet to be considered a conforming load.
    • All non-unitized pallets arriving at DC4 FedEx Pittsburgh must be segregated by the driver or a “lumper” hired by the driver. The DC contractor will provide necessary pallets. 
    • All non-unitized pallets arriving at DC5 KLS Philadelphia will be reworked by the contractor. This work will be subject to non-conforming load charges. 
    • A maximum of four hours will be allowed for unloading.


    • Permit numbers appointment times are required for all shipments to PLCB distribution centers. 
    • No other ASNs are to be brought in on another scheduled appointment load. 
    • Only one appointment per ASN/PO. Unscheduled ASNs will be rejected. 
    • If more than one permit will be brought on load, this must be disclosed at time of scheduling or prior to arrival at the DC. 
    • Carriers must contact DC operators to schedule a delivery appointment at least one working day prior. Future appointments may be made up to 7-14 days in advance of scheduled delivery.   
    • DC5 KLS Philadelphia appointments must be made through Open Doc (24/7) or (DHL Supply Chain)
    • DC4 FedEx Pittsburgh appointments must call the DC to schedule appointments 6:30 AM -2:00 PM Monday – Friday at (412) 826-1199.
    • Failure to schedule a delivery appointment will result in the load being refused by the DC operator.
    • If an appointment is missed, a new appointment must be scheduled per the steps above. 
    • An appointment must be scheduled to pick up RTVs. Contractors will not be held responsible to ship product back to supplier.
    • All full pallets of the same item should maintain a consistent TI/HI configuration.
    • The PLCB is not responsible for the cost of any inbound shipments that are notated to be collected upon receipt at the DC.
    • If a shipment at receiving is discovered to be payable at receipt, the shipment will be refused by the DC contractor per direction from PLCB. 
QUESTIONS? Please contact the PLCB Supply Chain at