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Recognizing consumer’s interest in buying local and the significant impact that Pennsylvania wines and spirits have on Pennsylvania’s agriculture and tourism industries, the PLCB is committed to partnering with Pennsylvania wineries and distilleries.          
“Made in Pennsylvania” sections within many Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores prominently and conveniently feature local products crafted in the Keystone State.          
In-state wineries and distilleries may select up to 10 products to place in up to 10 Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores of their choosing. 

  • Items will be tasted and evaluated prior to acceptance. 
  • Items will be evaluated twice yearly to ensure they are selling at least one case of product per month, per store. 
  • If an item reaches distribution in 100 stores (having demonstrated sales potential above the 10-store standard and monthly case sale requirements per location), it will become subject to regular listing and delisting criteria.
  • Requests for placement in additional stores will be rejected for products at risk of failing sales threshold or delist criteria.  
  • The PLCB reserves the right to adjust store distribution, regardless of supplier preferences, and inform suppliers of any adjustments.
  •  No listing submission fee is required.

For more details, explore the PA Preferred® Wine Program or the Pennsylvania Spirits Program

For questions regarding the PA Preferred Wine Program, please contact Stephen Reso (  For questions regarding the Pennsylvania Spirits Program, please contact Logan Kennedy (