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‚ÄčAlternate Curriculum Approval Process

Individuals who wish to become approved as an online training provider and use an alternate curriculum must first gain PLCB approval of their curriculum before applying to become an online training provider. Alternate curricula may be submitted for approval at any time.  Below is a description of the approval process. 

  1. Create a curriculum that meets the curriculum requirements.

  2. Submit an Application for Approval of Alternate Online Curriculum and pay a nonrefundable $250 application fee.  A complete copy of your curriculum in text form must accompany this application, including all training content, proposed student manual, videos or any other material you plan to use in your online course. 

  3. The PLCB will review your curriculum in text form and determine whether it meets the requirements. 

    a) If the curriculum meets the requirements and does not require any changes, the PLCB will approve the curriculum. 

    b) If the curriculum requires changes, the PLCB will communicate the required changes to the applicant within 90 days of receiving the alternate curriculum.

    c) The applicant has no more than two opportunities to correct the deficiencies and resubmit the alternative curriculum.

    d) An applicant who fails to make required changes after two resubmissions of the alternative curriculum and student manual may not resubmit a proposed curriculum for a period of one year after the second resubmission fails to secure the approval of the PLCB.

    e) If the applicant has rectified the deficiencies in the alternative curriculum and student manual and they are approved by the PLCB, the applicant shall submit a clean, final copy of the approved alternative curriculum and the student manual.

    f) Approval shall be for one year from the date of approval.

    g) Applicant must submit alternate curriculum yearly for reapproval.

  4. Once your curriculum is approved, you must then apply to become an online provider during an open enrollment period.  At this time, you should begin to create your online course.