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​​​​​​Approved Server/Seller Online Training Providers

The following providers are currently approved by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to provide the RAMP, server/seller training online. Fees are determined by the provider; therefore, pricing may vary. You may choose any provider.
NOTE: Write down the contact information for the provider you choose including name, phone number, web address and the login ID and password you choose during registration. RAMP cannot resolve issues related to the registration process or site access. Please contact the provider directly when encountering issues.  
​eStrategy Solutions, Inc.888-898-0506

​Crystal Hartz​717-443-3998 

​Paster Training, Inc. TM

Lynn Hainer 724-350-9062

Mark Kantner 484-529-0571

Hannah Olsem 800-247-7737

Manny Campos 877-952-8111​​

​​ 360training 800-438-8477
Team W LLC 215-650-9038

Affordable Alcohol Training888-344-5554

​Serving Alcohol, Inc.

​eAlcoholServers LLC​503-726-1076 

​PA Server Seller Training Co.​412-218-7180 

​National Restaurant Association Solutions, LLC (ServSafe) LLC​800-765-2122