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Approved Alcohol Server/Seller Training Providers

The following individuals are currently approved by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to conduct Server/Seller training in association with the Responsible Alcohol Management Program. 
Fees are determined by the individual trainers; therefore, pricing may vary. 
If you have any questions, please call 1-866-275-8237.  
​Meghan Briggs​
David Christensen 717-512-2974
Kate Clemente 570-287-1992
Dennis Conwell 724-882-3580
Mary Lou Corbett 215-659-3018
Alfredo F. Daniele 570-419-3333
Nancy M. Eliason 215-913-7373
Shannon Flanagan​​
Richard Frye 717-554-9144
Crystal L. Hartz 717-443-3998
Celeste Konn 330-815-3910
John Kravich 570-868-6039
Scott King 814-933-9294
Crystal Lanning 215-439-2400
Brenda Lidy 570-657-0248
​Leigh Maida​N/
​Brenda McAvoy​
Joseph Molitierno 814-938-9089
Robert Oeler 814-404-2959
John T. Oleski 717-982-1229
Jenelle Osborne 570-855-3758
Fran Orzechowski 814-323-4317
Tara Paster 866-394-1776
Robert E. Rapheal 814-833-0154
Stephen Sandrovich 412-628-2013
​Jennifer Skelly​
​Benjamin Smith
​Mike Snyder​
George Zameska 610-970-1776