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RAMP Training


The foundation of RAMP is its two core training programs:    


            Owner/Manager Training focuses on those most responsible for determining daily operations and policies of the licensed establishment – the owner and manager. Training topics will include creation of house policies and procedures for staff and the public, as well as aspects of the Server/Seller training.

• Newly approved managers of certain license types are required to complete owner/manager training within 180 days of approval by the PLCB, unless training was successfully completed within the previous two years.

• Any person in any management role may complete this training just for knowledge purposes.

• Owner/manager training is available online and in classroom sessions once a participant registers for PLCB+.

• If you are unsure who the current PLCB-approved manager is, contact the Bureau of Licensing .


            Server/Seller Training benefits anyone who serves or sells alcoholic beverages and/or checks IDs, including owners and managers of licensed establishments. The training covers how to detect fake IDs, identify signs of intoxication and responsibly manage patrons.

• Costs for server/seller training are established by training providers and may vary.


RAMP certification cannot be achieved unless an owner or manager and at least 50 percent of servers/sellers successfully complete RAMP training and pursue three additional steps required for certification.